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Travelling and food go together like horses and carriages or tomatoes and basil and if you love to make food central to your holidays then this is the place for you.

El Bulli FoodWhether you are looking for a full-blown foodie tour, a restaurant with rooms for that special occasion, a gourmet city break or just some ideas of where you can combine your two favourite things then we can help out.

We love food, we adore eating and we’re rather partial to the odd tipple, be it a fine wine in the Loire Valley, a craft ale or three in New York or a spicy rum while watching the sun set in St Lucia. The multisensory pique the best food creates brings back memories and evokes a particular time and place like no other experience and the way travel, flavours and foods intertwine with our psyche is a mysterious joy.

Gastro travelWe hope to help you create magical memories of your own, show you some of the finest restaurants, recipes and ingredients on the planet and, more than anything, inspire you. Almost every destination on this fair planet can bring a new and unexpected delight to our taste buds, even countries or places not renowned for their food are often wells of culinary exquisiteness, if you know where to look.

There are so many marvellous ways to combine a passion for travel with a love of food and over time we hope to build this section of the site into an encyclopaedia of the world’s finest gastronomic experiences.

I’d love to do this personally and have indeed volunteered for the arduous task of eating my way round the globe on many occasions. Sadly time and money, those evil and restrictive twins, intervene and so we need your help.

DuckIf there is a place in the world – a restaurant, a café, or even a market stall or a good old fashioned fish and chip shop – that gets your mouth watering more than any other, a hidden bar or bistro that you’d love to share with the world or even a recipe you link to a particularly memorable holiday or trip, we would really like to hear from you… if you’d like to share of course.

Whether you are a sucker for the pinchos of the Basque country, worship at South America’s meaty temple or love the clean, fresh flavours of South East Asia, let us know. In the coming months we’ll be covering all four corners of the globe ourselves, including Australia’s stunning modern cuisine, the best steaks in South American, Japan’s Michelin love affair and even Ethiopia’s sumptuous and hearty fare.

We’ll get there quicker with your help though so we’d love to hear from you. However, as said, the aim of this site is to offer inspiration to fellow lovers of gastro travel, so next time you can’t decide where to go on holiday or what cuisine to sample next, be sure to come and see what’s cooking with us… our kitchen door is always open.