Great Food to Eat Travelling in India

Avoid the Delhi Belly with These 5 Amazing Indian Foods

India produces some of the most delicious food in the world. While certain dishes might end up handing you a severe case of Delhi belly, here are five meals which will far from upset your stomach – or your taste buds.

Masoor Dal

A Masoor lentil is a brown substance, with a bright orange inside. It is said to have a very strong earthy flavour and can be converted into a tasty soup.

Dal is the Hindu name given to legumes (lentils, peas and beans) which have been prepared to their fullest. Often they come in the form of a starter on most restaurant menus.

This vegetarian option is perfect for anyone, including devout Hindus and people wanting to watch their weight.

Chicken Tikka Pasanda

This delicious alternative to more traditional dishes like korma and tikka masala is readily available in most places.

Pasanda sees flattened strips of chicken (or sometimes lamb or shrimp) marinated in a combination of yoghurt, chilli powder and various spices.

It’ll then be fried for roughly 30 minutes alongside a number of other ingredients, before most commonly being served up with rice.


If you’re looking for a conglomeration of some of the most delicious flavours available in India, you need look no further than the wonder that is Thali.

This pick-and-mix of options throws together rice, chutneys, pappadums and lime pickle along with a series of different curries, and is described as “the best lunch you can order in this part of the world.”

Whether it lives up to the billing or not is yet to be seen – but it is without question an incredibly delicious dish, well worth trying out and invariably incredibly cheap.


Just by going off the name alone, this sweet confectionary treat probably doesn’t sound like something you’d want to be trying out anytime soon!

The name actually comes from the Persian word for ‘snow’, and is made by using a strong base of milk to forge a near-fudge-like consistency.

The flavour of the dessert can often be enhanced with the use of items like coconut and mango, but other more unique flavours like peanut and pistachio are also available.

Butter Chicken

We conclude our list with one of the sweeter savoury dishes available in India – butter chicken. This one may well be familiar to curry fans but until you have a really good one you won’t know what you’re missing!

This sees the poultry marinated over the course of several hours in a mixture of cream and spices, before being cooked in a giant clay oven (a tandoor).

The name “butter chicken” comes from the sauce the meal is served in, which sees (surprise, surprise) butter added to the mixture at the last minute.

Fancy chowing down on one of these amazing Indian foods for yourself? Make a trip to India and be sure to give one of them a go. We’re sure you’ll fall in love at first bite.