Fascinating facts about Vietnam you probably didn’t know …

When you mention Vietnam to most people, the same things usually crop up. Many people still think of the war which ended in 1975, the motorbikes which local Vietnamese use to get around, or the sheer friendliness of the people there.

But Vietnam is a bright, vibrant country with lots more to offer travellers. If you want to find out more about this wonderful country, here are some fascinating (yet little known) facts to check out.

Photo by Thijs Degenkamp on Unsplash

1. It has some amazing sights to see

One fascinating thing about Vietnam, which many people don’t realise, is how many amazing sights it has to visit. From the mesmeric beauty of Ha Long Bay, to the Confucian Temple of Literature and UNESCO listed Hoi An, there are so many impressive things to take in here. For anyone who loves a break which involves some culture, Vietnam really is one of the best spots around to visit. Not only will you get a real sense of the country’s heritage, but also some cool photos to take back home.

2. Vietnamese food is very healthy

Another fact which you may not know about Vietnam is related to their cuisine. It is one of the healthiest found anywhere in the world – while also being very tasty. The reason why Vietnamese food is so healthy lies in the amount of fresh herbs, seafood and vegetables which most traditional meals include in their recipes. The cooking methods used also help, as traditional Vietnamese food is not usually fried or laden with lots of oil.

3. They export lots of cashews and black pepper

Staying with the theme of food, you may not know that Vietnam is a major exporter of certain foods. This is certainly true when it comes to cashew nuts and black pepper. It is estimated that around 350,000 tons of cashews leave the country each year, as well as around 200,000 tonnes of black pepper. This makes it one of the biggest exporters for these two foods in the world today.

Vietnamese food
Photo by Alice Young on Unsplash

4. Some gifts are considered unlucky

As with all parts of the world, there are some strange superstitions which Vietnamese people believe in. This means that giving handkerchiefs as a gift is thought to be unlucky, as is anything that is black, or any flowers which are yellow. While the roots of these beliefs are not clear, it is worth knowing if you visit so you do not cause offence to any locals.

5. The language has six distinct tones in it

For Westerners in particular, the Vietnamese language can be somewhat tricky to grasp. This is mainly down to the way it uses tones to determine the meaning of what is being said. There are six tones which can be used, and each one imparts a different meaning to words or sentences. This means that the same word or even sentence can have different meanings, depending on the tone in which it is said.

Vietnam is a great place to visit

As the above facts show, Vietnam is a country with lots to discover and enjoy. This makes it a great place to spend time in and check out the stunning sights and tasty food. If you have never had Vietnam on your bucket list, maybe now is the time to add it?