Experience the Charm of Stockholm: City Guide

With its clean streets and waterways, fresh air, glorious parks and wonderful architecture, there isn’t a better place to go than Stockholm for a Scandinavian adventure.

What to do

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Gamla Stan (Old Town) is perfect for a stroll on a pleasant afternoon. Its cobbled narrow streets mixed with colourful and historic architecture unsurprisingly make it one of the most popular tourist destinations. In the area you will also find the informative Nobel Museum which can be great for both kids and adults.

Not too far away you can see the incredibly well preserved Vasa ship which sunk in 1628. Housed in the Vasa Museum, you can find out about why the huge ship was made, why it sunk so quickly and how it avoided decaying underwater for centuries.

The Vasa Museum is located in Djurgården which as well as having a lovely royal park, is filled with stuff to keep the whole family busy. There is the ABBA museum for any fans of the Swedish band, Junibacken, a fun park with an emphasis on children’s literature and Skansen, an open-air museum filled with Nordic animals and five centuries of Swedish history.

Last and by no means least is Gröna Lund, Stockholm’s famous amusement park with superb views across the water. It may not be the biggest in size but there’s no shortage of fun to be had. It tends to be open most days between May and September and during this time it hosts many musical concerts feature popular acts.

Eating Out

Close to the heart of the city centre you will find Östermalm Food Hall with its wide range of market stalls, restaurants and cafes. It’s the perfect place for sampling some Swedish delicacies and it’s particularly well stocked with fresh seafood. For an even more uniquely Scandinavian eat, you must go to the Viking themed Aifur Pub & Bar. Named after the legendary ship, the pub serves food with a Viking heritage while diners sit on wooden benches surrounded by candles.

When to visit

December can be a wonderful time to visit Stockholm. It’s a time when the Old Town is especially charming with the many lights glittering onto the snow and there’s a real festive feel in the air. You will find there are more possibilities however during May to August. Swedish summers can be quite glorious with very pleasant temperatures and plenty of places to take a dip in the water. If you are around in mid-June you will be able to take part in the Midsummer celebrations which is one of the greatest Swedish traditions of them all.

Where to stay

Although Stockholm is very well connected by public transport, staying centrally will mean more time for exploration. Normmalm, or close to it, will be ideal for most and there are a range of excellent hotels here such as the very well-presented Drottning Kristina or the super modern Hotel With Urban Deli. Prices begin from around £100 per night for a double room but in busy times you can expect a significant increase.

For more inexpensive options, you have the option of staying in a ship hostel (STF af Chapman & Skeppsholmen) which is an experience many have enjoyed. It can be great for a lone traveller or a family who are looking for some cheap and hassle-free accommodation. Further north and the Hostel Dalagatan provides some of the cheapest high quality accommodation in the city.