Chelsea Flower Show Ticket Discounts

Anyone who’s watched Gardeners’ World or has read any gardening magazines will no doubt be aware of the Chelsea Flower Show. The home of fantastical, inventive and enchanting gardens, it showcases some of the infinite possibilities a garden can become. In this article, we’ll explain a little more about the Chelsea Flower Show, and also the organisation that runs is, the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS). And we’ll explain how you can get discounted Chelsea Flower Show tickets for the show and access to hundreds of beautiful, vibrant gardens dotted around these fair isles.

What is the Chelsea Flower Show and When Is It?

The Chelsea Flower Show – as the name suggests – is a show featuring flowers that takes place in Chelsea. But, more specifically, it is a five-day garden show that is organised and run by the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS), who know a thing or two about gardens (they’ve been around since 1804!). The show takes place in May each year (in 2023 it runs from 23rd to 27th May inclusive) and is located in the grounds of Royal Hospital Chelsea, the home of the Chelsea Pensioners.

Also known as the Great Spring Show, the Chelsea Flower Show gives top horticulturalists and garden designers the chance to show off their skills. The many show gardens come in various shapes, styles and themes and there are often highly creative twists on classic garden styles as designers flex their imaginations to the limit.

RHS Gardens

Can I get Cheap Tickets or an Offer Code for the Chelsea Flower Show?

It is rare to find any specific discount codes, offer codes or special offers to gain cheap Chelsea Flower Show tickets, but there is one way you can secure a guaranteed discount: become a member of the Royal Horticultural Society. And not only that, you can also get a 25% discount on RHS membership if you join using a link on this page and pay by direct debit.

Price Difference for RHS Members for Chelsea Flower Show

The prices vary from day to day at the Chelsea Flower Show, but to give you an example of the possible savings, here are some comparisons based on the 2023 prices:

Type of TicketStandard PriceRHS Member Price
All Day Tuesday or Wednesday (8 am to 8 pm)Members only£95.85
Half Day Tuesday or Wednesday (3.30 pm to 8 pm)Members only£48.85
All Day Thursday or Friday (8 am to 8 pm)£89.85£72.85
Half Day Thursday or Friday (3.30 pm to 8 pm)£45.85£37.85
All Day (8am to 5.30 pm) Saturday£89.85£72.85
Chelsea Flower Late Show (5.30 pm to 10 pm)£72.10£67.10

There are many other reasons to join the RHS (see below), but if the Chelsea Flower Show is your main concern, it’s worth noting that the first two days are ONLY open to RHS members. That means that RHS membership is a must if you are serious about getting a discount for the Chelsea Flower Show and priority access too!

Benefits of RHS Membership – JOIN NOW FOR 25% DISCOUNT

As well as this great offer/discount for tickets to the Chelsea Flower Show, members of the Royal Horticultural Society can enjoy a host of benefits including:

  • UNLIMITED access to the five RHS Gardens: Wisley (Surrey), Hyde Hall (Essex), Harlow Carr (North Yorkshire), Rosemoor (Devon) and Bridgewater (Greater Manchester).
  • Free entry to another 200 partner gardens
  • Discounted tickets to the Chelsea Flower Show and other RHS Flower Shows
  • Access to The Garden magazine (digital access or paper copies)
  • Access to RHS experts for gardening advice
  • RHS The Garden app with gardening tips and advice

Individual membership starts at just £53.25 per year (if you pay by direct debit), with joint membership from £78.75 (paying by direct debit). There are also options for gift memberships and even lifetime memberships, if you want to fully commit to your gardening passion. And if you’re a student, you can pocket an absolute bargain as the student membership costs just £10 per annum.

Royal Horticultural Society Gardens

RHS Membership Prices & Discount

Membership TypeStandard PriceWith 25% Discount
Gift Membership£105£71
Life Membership£1,495N/A
Joint Life Membership£2,045N/A
Senior Life Membership£935N/A
Senior Joint Life Membership£1,355N/A
Student Membership£10 

*When paying by Direct Debit

** Joint Membership is for two members but includes up to four children and a family guest

RHS Gardens

The RHS gardens are often similar in style to some you might find at the best Historic Houses, English Heritage or National Trust properties, but often there are more specialist gardens, as we shall see.

RHS Garden Wisley (Surrey)

Located to the southwest of London, just off the A3, the RHS Garden at Wisley has been under the auspices of the RHS since 1903 when it was gifted to them by then-owner Sir Thomas Hanbury. Covering a vast 240 acres, it houses a wide range of gardens, some more formal than others, as well as a large arboretum and several impressive greenhouses. There is a walled garden, a wild garden, a rock garden and a fruit field, among many other features. There’s also a learning centre, a library and even a laboratory.

RHS Garden Hyde Hall (Essex)

For those in the East of England, Hyde Hall is a real treat. Located between Chelmsford and Southend, this 36-acre site features an excellent Dry Garden that encompasses drought-resistant plants (which we’ll sadly have to get more and more used to in the coming years!) and a fantastic Global Growth Vegetable Garden that features a vast range of vegetable from all corners of the globe. A relatively new garden by RHS standards, it was only created in 1955 and was donated to the RHS in 1993.

RHS Garden Harlow Carr (North Yorkshire)

To North Yorkshire next and Harlow Carr which is located just outside the delightful spa town of Harrogate. It was the main display garden of the Northern Horticultural Society until that organisation merged with the RHS in 2001 and the garden fell under the larger organisation’s remit.

It’s not as large as some of the other gardens at just under 60 acres, but it has a wide variety of interesting gardens including a kitchen garden, a scented garden and a winter garden. It also has a learning centre and a library.

RHS Garden Bridgewater (Greater Manchester)

A quick skip westwards and we’re at Bridgewater, which is just past Manchester off the M62, near Eccles. It encompasses 154 acres and is bordered to the south by the Bridgewater Canal. The newest of the RHS-acquired gardens, Bridgewater has benefitted from extensive investment and its visitors’ centre has won a design award. But it’s the gardens that are the real draw, some of which you may be familiar with if you watched the BBC four-parter about Bridgewater: The Great Northern Garden Build. Although not as botanically developed as some of the better-established RHS gardens, Bridgewater is getting better every year. You could say it’s beginning to blossom.

RHS Garden Rosemoor (Devon)

Finally we head to Devon, where Rosemoor covers 65 acres and is famed for its Wisteria (they’ve even got a Wisteria tearoom). It could offer an excellent day out when holidaying in Devon and whether you prefer rose gardens, winter gardens or something more exotic, all bases are covered at Rosemoor. The Upper Bog Garden is a unique feature that many visitors enjoy and the Cherry Garden is particularly beautiful in spring.