Backpacking in Copenhagen: Stunning Scandinavia

The Danish capital is a truly charming holiday destination, read our guide to find out more!

What to do in Copenhagen

When you’ve seen pictures of Copenhagen they’ve most likely been of Nyhavn, the colourful old port which is littered with restaurants and renovated houses. The atmosphere the whole way down the canal is always inviting and live music, often jazz, is never far away. From here, walk 10 minutes through the historic town centre to reach Rundetaarn, or rather, the Round Tower. It’s from here you where you can enjoy a sensational view of the Scandinavian scenery, 34.8m above street level.

A little further out from the heart of the city is Frederiksberg Palace which dates back to the early 1700’s. It overlooks the glorious Frederiksberg Garden which is simply the place to be on a warm sunny afternoon. While you are always free to walk around the palace and the surrounding greenery, only on the last Saturday of each month can you step into the Baroque residence.

Frederiksberg Garden, Copenhagen

Across the road is Copenhagen Zoo which boasts an impressive range of animals from elephants to polar bears and from lions to hippos. There are over 3,000 animals in total housed in this extremely family friendly zoo which has a specially designated area for kids to get up close and personal with some farm animals.

If you are at all interested in amusement parks then Tivoli Gardens is an absolute must. Located right next to Copenhagen’s central train station, this wonderfully charming amusement park offers a slightly more upmarket theme park experience. There are a great selection of rides to try out including one of the world’s oldest rollercoasters as well as stalls where you can win hugely oversized chocolate bars. Among the beautifully presented gardens, it’s truly an amusement park all the family can be joy and it’s not hard to see why it’s Denmark’s national treasure.

When to visit Copenhagen

July and August can be very busy with tourists but they are by no means poor months to visit. May and June are often considered the optimal months though as the days are long and temperatures are pleasant, perfect for strolling around in. September is also a great option especially as prices begin to fall at this time. If you are into Christmas markets, Copenhagen holds two huge ones each year at Nyhavn and Tivoli starting in mid-November.

Copenhagen Waterfront

Where to eat in Copenhagen

We mentioned before that Nyhavn was the place thriving with places to eat and one of our recommendations is in fact the oldest restaurant from the whole lot. Restaurant Gilleleje, established in 1876, serves up fine Danish cuisine both for lunch and dinner in a cosy maritime setting. Outside of Nyhavn, there are seven Halifax Burgers restaurants dotted around the city which are great for a quick eat. Each one boasts a great selection of burgers, both for meat eaters and vegetarians/vegans at very fair prices.

Where to stay in Copenhagen

Copenhagen doesn’t really do cheap stays but if you are looking to stay while keeping costs to a minimum, the Generator Hostel is your best bet. Beds in dorms are available in this clean two-star establishment which is perfectly located close to all the major attractions. For a no thrills hotel, ideal for a short stay, Wakeup Copenhagen gives you everything you need and rooms often come with a free breakfast.