10 Essential Items For Any Backpacking Holiday

No matter when or where you plan on going there are some items that should be an ever-present fixture in your backpack. Check out our list of the 10 most important things that should you never be without:

1) Microfiber Towel
These thin towels will take up very little room in your bag and combined with their quick drying properties, they really are a fantastic travel companion. Widely available in all colours and sizes, you’ll have no problem finding the one to suit your own needs.

Travel Essentials Passport and Money2) Money belt
Although a little unfashionable, it’s great to have your money so close to you at all times. Thin versions are available that will easily fit underneath your shirt meaning your money will remain constantly out of sight.

3) Universal plug adapter
Charging your devices is something we all do when going away but you can quickly end up with a large assortment of different adapters with so many countries having their own type of socket. With a universal adapter you can avoid all the faff though and rest easy knowing that you’ll have access to electricity wherever you are.

4) Power bank
There will be occasions where a power socket isn’t available and this is where a power bank proves its worth. Some fairly compact power banks will be able to charge the average mobile phone four times over so they really do provide you with plenty of juice.

5) Anti-bacterial hand gel
Getting dirty hands is inevitable when spending the day exploring and it’s not something you ideally want to have when tucking into some food. A small bottle will last you a very long time and ensure you are never more than a few seconds from clean hands.

6) Water filter bottle
With this ingenuous invention you can drink water from absolutely any source. The filtration system in the bottle ensures any harmful bacteria doesn’t make it to you mouth, giving you perfectly safe drinking water every time.

7) Travel first aid kit
It’s something you may never need to use but if you ever do need it you’ll be very grateful you have it. Often finding the necessary medical supplies while abroad can be a huge pain so to have the essentials with you at all times will stop any minor problems potentially becoming major ones. This is what the NHS recommends to include.

8) Lightweight rain jacket
No matter where you are, you can’t guarantee that there will be no rainfall. Having something compact but fully waterproof will mean that if rain does fall, you aren’t going to spend the rest of the day in soaking wet clothes.

9) Travel insurance
Travel insurance costs next to nothing these days and special cover can be provided for backpackers. Use comparison websites to find a low rate and ensure you have your documents packed before you fly out.

10) Passport
It may go without saying but there have been many times would-be travellers have rocked up to the airport without their passport. In many cases it’s too late to salvage the situation so before you leave check several times that’s it’s safely zipped up and never let it go out of your sight.