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Senior travel perhaps doesn’t need a category all to itself, after all, us oldies are people too, despite what those self-important whippersnappers would have us believe!

Senior travel Joshua Tree National ParkOur kids may want us in a home – not theirs, naturally – but for all the seniors out there who’ve still got plenty of va-va-voom in their soul we’ve got some serious travel ideas to inspire you and keep you travelling all over the globe long after you’ve got your bus pass but not your hair and have got far more stamps in your passport than teeth in your mouth.

Our parents would have been happy to see 70 and a trip to Scarborough, Blackpool, Southend or Stonehaven would have classed as a mighty fine holiday. Things have changed. Going round the world at 80 is a possibility and retirement is a world of opportunity, not just your last few years trying to hinder your loved ones as little as possible.

You’ve worked long and hard and the world is now your oyster, not quite literally, but certainly it is yours to be discovered. Perhaps you were always too busy to go on that trip to Australia you’d always dreamed of, or couldn’t afford that luxury trans-Atlantic cruise.

Senior travelOthers might stare at us like they might an exhibit in the Natural History Museum and think “old fogey”, “grey has-been” or whatever else, but the truth is that we have everything but our youth and our time is now (especially those of use who are enjoying final salary pensions!). Sorry, I think I might be getting a bit carried away. It’s my age, you know.

Back to reality: age is just a number and the numbers and the rules have changed. Whether we call it senior travel or not, our options are more or less the same as those of anyone else and in this section of the site we aim to show you what is possible, what other oldies have done and inspire you to take that dream trip, but with the undoubted added benefit that there are loads and loads of discounts available once you reach your golden years. Bring it on!

Mount EtnaOf course, your dream trip needn’t be anything glamorous or exotic and we hope to inspire irrespective of whether your ideal holiday is two weeks in the Maldives, a trek to the summit of Kilimanjaro, a cycling holiday around Hungary, or a simple cottage by the sea in good old Blighty.

We’ll also bring you some top senior travel tips, including insurance deals and other discounts reserved especially for Generation W (that’s “W” for “Wise” by the way).

We’d love to hear from you too, so whether you’ve got any senior travel questions, tips, gripes (apparently we’re all grumpy!) or ideas, or just want to share your amazing holiday stories, photos or plans, please get in touch. Our aim is that section of the site becomes the first port of call for all us oldsters who still have a passion for travel, and the greater the quantity and quality of information we can bring together, the more we can help one another.

So, best foot forward and onward we march on to adventures the youngsters just haven’t got the gumption (or funds) to undertake.