Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Spain

Floatation Therapy in Javea Adds Pure Relaxation to a Costa Blanca Holiday

What do you get when you cross a space-age pod, some water and a load of Epsom salt? An otherworldly but ultimately very relaxing experience in a floatation tank – the (rather fancily titled) sensory deprivation, restricted environment stimulation technique that is starting to make waves on the spa scene.

The Treatment Works, Javea, Spain

  • What? – Floatation Therapy, Massage and Beauty Treatments
  • Where? – Avenida del Pla 118, Javea, Spain – Javea is located on the Costa Blanca, just off the main AP7 national highway
  • Why? – It was the most relaxing thing I did on holiday
  • How Much? – €50 for Combination Package (floatation session and massage or facial)

Incidentally, I am in no way part of any such scene having never previously sought any kind of sensory beyond a sauna and Jacuzzi, but when planning a holiday with my partner and two other couples to Javea on Spain’s Costa Blanca with a load of young children in tow, I figured that a little chill time might do all the parents some good – in shifts of course.

So it was that I discovered the existence of The Treatment Works, a Javea-located spa that specialises in floatation therapy but which also offers massage and beauty treatments. Having occasionally enjoyed floating in the sea, albeit for fleeting moments until my eldest daughter jumps on me, I quite fancied giving this floatation tank thing a whirl. I have to say I’m glad I did.

We all opted for the “2+2” Indulgence Combo package which combines one hour in the floatation tank with either a full body massage or full facial… available at The Treatment Works for a very reasonable price of just €50.

Upon viewing the floatation pod my mind was cast back to any number of science fiction films and series in which “stasis pods” or similar are used to freeze time for the occupant. Indeed the pre-float procedure – filling forms, shower, insertion of ear plugs, application of Vaseline to any cuts, grazes or mosquito bites – allowed my mind to go with the whole futuristic, space expedition theme, and when the pod closed and I was alone and floating in this womb-like cocoon my thoughts were already far away from the everyday travails.

Floatation Pod Javea
You want me to stay in there for an hour?!
With music of the decidedly chilled variety being played (which fades out after 10 minutes or so) I eased myself into a comfortable floating position on my back, being careful not to splash any of the salt-rich water into my eyes, switched off the light and allowed my mind to drift as my body was suspended in the weightlessness of the water.

Within the pod you are armed with a water spray (essential if you do manage to get the saltwater in your eyes!), a light switch and a button to open the door. With the door shut and the light off you are in total darkness, which in itself can be somewhat disorientating given it is such a rare thing in this age of flashing chargers, baby monitors and digital radios or hi-fis in bedrooms and all-too-bright streetlamps cast their illuminating glare through gaps in curtains.

But it is the combination of darkness with the sensation of being suspended in space that really gets the mind racing, or indeed to stop it in its tracks and give it space to do as little as it feels like doing. It is the sensory deprivation that gives rise to possibilities when it comes to where your mind will travel – occasionally you might brush the side of the pod with a foot or arm, but otherwise your sense of touch is all but negated other than the feel of the water supporting you; as mentioned, you are in darkness so vision is out; once the music stops, silence also prevails (though you can arrange in advance for music to be played throughout); there is nothing to hear unless you make ripples or splashes yourself; and the smell of the Epsom salts swiftly fades into the background.

Obviously everyone is different and how your mind would react to an hour in a floatation pod is anyone’s guess. But for me the experience was one of pure relaxation: the thoughts about the everyday stuff came, of course, but they often hung around only fleetingly and then drifted away to allow my mind and body to enjoy a good deal of breathing space. Afterwards I felt invigorated and very chilled out. But the good part was I still had a full body massage to enjoy!

If you are heading to Javea, or anyway near there on the Costa Blanca, I would definitely recommend booking in for a floatation session at The Treatment Works, with the combination package in particular offering supreme value.