Cheap Skiing Destinations: Poland

Slaloming through the snow doesn’t have to cost you a fortune this winter. Let our guide show you where about in Poland to head and why it can provide you with a wonderful skiing experience.

Where to Ski in Poland: Zakopane

Skiing in PolandGetting to the slopes in the south of Poland is far from an arduous task. The charming city of Krakow is located fairly close by and cheap returns flights are available to here from a range of UK airports. If you are flexible with your dates it’s not difficult to sort out your plane bookings for less than £60. With conditions generally at their peak here between January and April, there’s a big window to check out the snow in the extreme south of Poland.

Buses from Krakow centre will take you to Zakopane for around £8 one way in just under two hours. Low cost trains are also available for a very similar price but take longer due to frequent stops along the way.  If you are a little more pressed for time and traveling in a small group then a taxi is far from a bad option, costing around £70 and taking around an hour and a half.

Zakopane does not have the challenging slopes that will satisfy the more experienced skier but for beginners or those without a wealth of practice, it is the perfect place to be. You’ll find very little difficulty in travelling from Zakopane to the nearby slopes and there are some fine choices available. There are 16 individual pistes served by 20 lifts to choose from. It’s hugely popular among locals but the tourist scene is growing too which means plenty of English speaking teachers offering lessons at cheap prices.

Skiing in Poland

Popular Polish Skiing Resorts

Kasprowy Wierch, Nosal and Gubałówka Hill are the three most popular spots. Surrounding them are a bunch of well-maintained guesthouses and serviced apartments that provide residents with a high level of hospitality. Double rooms can easily be booked for between £30-60 per night and low prices does not mean low quality here.  Willa Konstantynówka, Willa Jan, and Szklane Domy are all recommended and the first even includes a free breakfast every morning.

Lift passes can be picked up very cheaply and there is no need to commit to a long term deal as most places offer a pay-as-you-go option. Prices vary depending on which lift you are using but you can expect to pay between £20 and £30 for a weekday adult pass. As for lessons in English, the bigger the group the cheaper the rate. The going rate for a two hour session for one person is around £30/35 but in a group of four you will pay nearer £20.

Ski/equipment hire won’t set you back lot either here making it one of the cheapest places to go skiing this winter. While lacking the glamour that some other places carry, this economy option has no shortage of charm or things to do. There is a strong cultural identity around Zakopane with distinct dress and tasty local cuisine on display. You’ll also find plenty of places to grab a drink at a low prices and after a hard day on the slopes this can be the perfect way to unwind.